We’ve recently discovered this online gem: asian-horror-movies.com. This site provides Asian horror movies (in their original version) online for free! Yes, I know… it sounds completely illegal but somehow the’ve managed to stick around for years. So if you want to see the original version of ‘The Ring’ or of ‘Battle Royale’, this is what you have to do.

asian-horror-movies.com front page

Go to asian-horror-movies.com. (Note that I wouldn’t give them a website design award but hey! they give us free movies.) Click on ‘Movie list’ (or ‘index’ if you are not on the homepage), scroll down to the list of Japanese movies, click on the film of your choice. You’ll arrive on an advertising site. Wait for five seconds and click the ‘skip ad’ button on the top right of the screen and there you are.

You will have to click on a couple more ads and sometimes have to install a plugin to view the film but nothing that will take you ages or require that you register to a endless stream of prize draws :)