licca chanLicca chan (リカシャン) is the Japanese equivalent of the Barbie doll. It is a cute little doll very popular among little girls but want I really want to tell you about is the not so cute urban legend surrounding Licca chan. Thanks again to my friend Minori-san for telling me the story. It goes like this.

One day, a little girl decides that she has grown out of playing with dolls. She therefore undertakes to throw away her dolls, including her Licca chan.

Some time after the clearing of her toy collection, she is alone at home when the phone rings. She picks it up and hears:

- 私、りかちゃん。駅の前にいます。(Hello, this is Licca chan. I’m in front of the station.)

The little girl hangs up not knowing what kind of joke that is. A little later, the phone rings again. She picks it up:

- 私、リカちゃん。家の前にいます。(Hello, this is Licca chan. I’m facing your house.)

The little girl hangs up again. Slightly uneasy this time. And of course, the phone rings again. This time the little girl hears:

- 私、リカちゃん。玄関にいます。(Hello, this is Licca chan. I’m in the hallway.)

Now our little girl is downright scared and as she is saying to herself “Surely it’s just a joke…” The phone rigns one more time and when she picks up and listen, she hears:

- 私、リカちゃん。あなたの後ろにいます!(Hello, this is Licca chan and I’m behind you!)

And that’s how the story ends!